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Michel (German/English) – Most complete online stamp catalogue with actual prices (subscription required)

Colnect (all language) – Colnect (premium) has auto-matching, best matches and an extensive free stamp catalogs

Posten Åland (Swedish/Finnish/English/German) – Stamps since 1984

Postimerkkiluettelo Suomi (Finnish) – Stamps till 2013

Åland Post Stamp Releases

  • Åland – Contemporary Art
    This year’s stamp booklet presentscontemporary art in Åland 9 June sees Åland Post’s issue of the 2022 stamp booklet ÅlandContemporary presenting art by seven present-day Åland artists.To find the best selection of artwork, Åland Post was assisted bySusanne Procopé-Ilmonen of the Åland Art Museum and LeilaCromwell-Morgan Lönnroth of Gallery Skarpans. “I find it verypositive that … Continue reading “Åland – Contemporary Art”
  • Åland – Åland centenary
    Special stamp issue celebratesÅland centenary On 9 June 2022, Åland Post issues its second stamp incelebration of the 100th anniversary of Åland autonomy.This year’s miniature sheet by Åland artist Jonas Wilénshows a cross-section of the Åland islands of today. To puta silver lining on the celebration of the centenary, we alsolaunch a limited edition of … Continue reading “Åland – Åland centenary”