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  • Åland – Garden BerriesÅland – Garden BerriesNovember 30, 2022Åland Post issues a new series of self-adhesive franking labels on 4 January 2023. The theme is garden berries, and Finnish artist Mari Oksanen illustrates her first postal labels showing delicate berries that are grown in Åland gardens.   The four berry varieties shown on the franking labels are black currants (Ribes nigrum), raspberries (Rubus idaeus), gooseberries (Ribes uva-crispa) and strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa).  The issue marks Mari’s debut as a stamp artist, and she immediately fell for the illustration assignment:  “Creating something for the small space was a challenge; to make the motifs appear rich in detail yet simple enough to strike the viewer’s eye. I really enjoy working with flora and fauna related objects and design organic forms, so the garden berries were well within my comfort zone. The idea of giving the berries different moods and personalities came to me almost immediately, and I appreciated being encouraged to create playful and colourful labels rather than realistic images. The black currants look a bit mischievous and secretive, the raspberries are wild rascals, while the gooseberries are the gentle sweethearts among thorns. The strawberry is the juicy one, basking in sunlight,” Mari explains.  With the self-adhesive franking labels, the customer chooses the denomination, and you can purchase the labels by mail order from Stamps or at the post offices in Mariehamn or Sviby.  [...]
  • Åland – Christmas seals 2022Åland – Christmas seals 2022August 28, 2022 2022 Christmas seals sold in support of Åland youth workers  On 20 October, Åland Post issues this year’s sheet of  Christmas seals for decoration of your Christmas cards and parcels. Illustrator Sami Saramäki has illustrated the self-adhesive stickers with well-known Christmas and winter symbols. As in previous years, proceeds from the sale are distributed to socially useful activities in Åland. This year’s beneficiary is “Fältarna”, a team of street workers working with and for teenagers.  Since 1993, Åland Post has supported non-profit associations and relief activities in Åland through the sale of Christmas seals. The beneficiary of the 2022 Christmas seal grant is “Fältarna”, a team of community-based street workers working with and for teenagers aged 13–17. The youth workers strive to create safe connections and be a continuous support on the youth’s terms, and serve as a link between parents, school, social services, and police. Visiting schools, youth centres, and parent meetings and organizing youth groups, they offer teenagers an opportunity to discuss subjects such as domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, bullying, love worries, and loneliness. The grant will be used for study materials and activities for the teens. Sami Saramäki lives in Helsinki and has worked as an illustrator in the advertising industry for some 20 years. Sami often illustrates winter motifs and says: “For some reason, I’m often asked to illustrate winterscapes, but I don’t mind. I like winter, so, this assignment suited me perfectly.” Facts about the issue Name Christmas seals 2022 Date of issue 20 October 2022 Artist Sami Saramäki Design Johanna Finne Edition 3000 sheets of 20 self-adhesive seals  Price €5.00 Size 30,6 × 25,8 mm Sheet size 210 × 145 mm Paper Sticotac Semigloss, White 80 gsm Process 4-colour offset Printer Cartor Security Printers The stamps are available for purchase in Åland Post Stamps webshop www.alandstamps.com. [...]
  • Åland – Christmas 2022Åland – Christmas 2022August 28, 2022Modern version of classic gnomes on 2022 Åland Christmas stamps  Christmas starts early with the release of this year’s Christmas stamps on 20 October. Finnish illustrator Sami Saramäki debuts for Åland Post with a retro-inspired and poetic Christmas series. “I made several sketches, but those with small gnomes quickly became favourites, so, they became my focus point for the stamp motifs”, Sami reveals.  Christmas is the holiday when we send most greetings by post. Scandinavians’ image of Christmas celebrations has been influenced by the card motifs. Many Christmas symbols have been around since the first cards were imported from England and Germany in the 1800s, introducing foreign traditions such as gnomes, Christmas tree, and presents to the Nordic peoples. Swedish artist Jenny Nyström’s illustrations of gnomes and Åland descendant Haddon  Sundblom’s drawings of Santa Claus in the 1930s have also contributed to our image of Santa and his little helpers. For this year’s Christmas stamps, illustrator Sami Saramäki created a modern version of the classic gnomes. On one stamp, the gnomes are on their way to Åland with the Christmas mail, guided by the lighthouse on the island Sälskär, located northwest of main Åland. On the other stamp, they have taken a break from their delivery round at the 13th century St. Michael church in Finström. Sami describes his creative process: “I started by researching which visual elements would be suitable for traditional stamps. Those with small gnomes quickly became favourites. Pondering on different settings for the gnomes, I liked the Finström church and Sälskär lighthouse. I made 3D models of the church and lighthouse on my computer to better understand their forms.” Åland – Christmas 2022 Facts about the issue Name Christmas 2022 Date of issue 20 October 2022 Artist Sami Saramäki Design Johanna Finne Editions 130 000 & 45 000 Denominations Julpost (€1.20) & Världen (€2.60) Price FDC €4.80 Price maximum card €3.50 Stamp size 35,6× 25,5 mm Sheet size 2 × 20 stamps Paper 110 g/m2 Perforation 13 per 2 cm Process 4-colour offset Printer Cartor Security Printers The stamps are available for purchase in Åland Post Stamps webshop www.alandstamps.com. [...]
  • Åland – HareÅland – HareAugust 24, 2022Winter-strolling Åland hares on this year’s Chinese zodiac stamp issue   20 October sees a continuation of the odyssey of the Chinese horoscope animals in an Åland setting. On this ninth miniature sheet in the series, interpreting the Year of the Hare, artist Martin Mörck has illustrated hares in their winter-attire, roaming among modern holiday houses on northern Åland.  Artist Martin Mörck was commissioned to illustrate the zodiac animal in an Åland winter setting. He explains:  “White hare against white snow was the challenge. I thought of Bruno Liljefors and got to work. One of the modern cliff houses was to appear in the background, so, I used the reflections of the sea in the windows. I drew the water a little bluer than it might be at this time of year and a faint winter sun. It worked well as a contrast, and I could also use the blue tone for shadows in the snow. I gathered the hares in a small-talking group down by the reeds. The reeds became the warm element, along with the calligraphy. This time, there were no hidden details to discover, but I am very pleased with the result!”  The mountain hare (Lepus timidus) is the only hare appearing in Åland. In the winter, they often roam among the modern holiday houses in northern Geta. The Havsvidden Resort with a guest harbour, hotel, and restaurant has been aorund for 30 years. In the early 2000s, the resort was expanded with modern cliff villas. Blending into the landscape among the red granite cliffs, the 40 cliff houses are equipped with 1–3 bedrooms, sauna, large terraces, and panoramic windows with sweeping views of the sea. Facts about the issue  Name of issue Hare  Date of issue 20 October 2022  Artist Martin Mörck  Design Johanna Finne  Calligraphy Ruizhen Liu  Edition 25 000  Denomination €3.60  Price FDC €4.60  Price maximum card €3.50  Stamp size 60 × 50 mm  Sheet size 170 × 95 mm  Paper 110 g/m2  Perforation 13 per 2 cm  Process 4-colour offset  Printer Cartor Security Printers  The stamps are available for purchase in Åland Post Stamps webshop www.alandstamps.com. [...]
  • Åland – Tick-borne disease research in ÅlandÅland – Tick-borne disease research in ÅlandJune 30, 2022Stamp focuses on tick-borne disease research in Åland To spread knowledge about ticks, Åland Post spotlights the research in Åland into tick-borne diseases with an issue on 6 September. Tick-borne diseases are increasing worldwide, and Åland has one of the highest incidences of infections. Åland researchers have made important contributions to this field of research and developed much of the diagnostics used today. Åland illustrator Peter Bergström took on the task to illustrate the stamp motif. On a background of elongated spirochetes of the bacterium borrelia, the stamp shows an adult female tick and a schematic picture of antibodies, which laboratory technicians try to detect when analysing blood samples. The spirochetes are also reminiscent of the swaying grass in which ticks often sit, waiting for people and animals to pass. Borrelia burgdorferi is the name of the bacterium that ticks can carry and transmit through bites. The common tick Ixodes ricinus thrives in moist and shady places with dense undergrowth. The best way to protect yourself from ticks is to wear light clothing when in damp terrain and to keep the grass short. Still, less than 10% of ticks carry bacteria, and the infection is not always transmitted. The risk of infection is almost non-existent if you remove the tick within 24-48 hours after being bitten.  Åland is a high-risk area for tick-borne diseases, which occur in large parts of the world and have become a public health problem in both the USA and Europe. Lyme disease is the world’s most common tick-related disease. Research in Åland has been dominated by finding a reliable method for detecting active Lyme disease.  Illustrator Peter Bergström thought long and hard prior to accepting the  challenge of illustrating the blood-sucking arachnid: “I hesitated to take on the task for a long time. It’s a difficult and not very image-friendly motif. In the end, Åland Post convinced me, pointing out the importance and urgency of the subject.” Facts about the issue Name of issue Tick-borne disease research Date of issue 6 September 2022 Artist Peter Bergström  Design Johanna Finne  Edition 45 000  Denomination €2.70 Price FDC €3.70Stamp size 30×40 mm  Sheet size 2×12 stamps Paper 110 g/m2  Perforation 13 per 2 cm  Process 4-colour offset + UV-coating Printer Cartor Security Printing The stamps are available for purchase in Åland Post Stamps webshop www.alandstamps.com. [...]
  • Åland –  Sea-buckthorn juice from Åland Åland –  Sea-buckthorn juice from Åland June 28, 2022Sea-buckthorn juice from Åland – a postage stamp vitamin boost This year’s theme for the Sepac stamp series issued by the small European postal administrations is locally produced beverages. As stamp motif, Åland Post decided to highlight sea-buckthorn, Åland’s own super berry. A varied range of sea-buckthorn beverages is produced in Åland. Tiina Tahvanainen has photographed the motif of the stamp to be issued on 6 September.   Åland is one of a few areas in Finland where sea-buckthorn grows in the wild. The wild shrubs grow in dense stands and thrive best on stone and gravel beaches. The thorny branches make the berries difficult to pick. The small  orange, juicy and sour berries of the sea-buckthorn ripen in the autumn and  contain high amounts of beneficial vitamins, antioxidants, and fats. Squeezed from the berries, the raw juice is used as such, but also as the base of jams, marmalades, syrups, and ice cream. The fruit pomace is also used in various products.  Photographer Tiina Tahvanainen enjoyed the photo commission: “I’m always equally proud to be commissioned to make a stamp, and I love to work with set design. Getting everything right is the challenge. The position of every little berry matters because of the small format. First, I sketched on paper and tested different accessories and variations. I decided to use my grand-mother’s old juice bottles that are over 100 years old. It was a little sweaty to make them hold tight. As I started the assignment in the middle of winter, I first had to work with frozen berries, and I finished by photographing the berries in nature.”  Facts about the issue  Name of issue Sepac – locally produced beverages  Date of issue 6 September 2022  Photographer Tiina Tahvanainen  Design Johanna Finne  Edition 45 000  Denomination €1.90  Price FDC €2.90  Stamp size 50×25,2 mm  Sheet size 2×12 stamps  Paper 110 g/m2  Perforeration 13 per 2 cm  Process 4-colour offset  Printer Cartor Security Printing  The stamps are available for purchase in Åland Post Stamps webshop www.alandstamps.com. [...]
  • Åland – Contemporary ArtÅland – Contemporary ArtJune 13, 2022This year’s stamp booklet presentscontemporary art in Åland 9 June sees Åland Post’s issue of the 2022 stamp booklet ÅlandContemporary presenting art by seven present-day Åland artists.To find the best selection of artwork, Åland Post was assisted bySusanne Procopé-Ilmonen of the Åland Art Museum and LeilaCromwell-Morgan Lönnroth of Gallery Skarpans. “I find it verypositive that Åland Post has invested in this theme right now.Åland has a thriving art life with surprisingly many artistsin a small population,” Leila Cromwell-Morgan Lönnroth says. The term contemporary is used for all present-day or modern art,and the group decided to include only works from the last 20 yearsin the selection. “To me, it was important to highlight the breadth oftoday’s Åland art life, of course, also in terms of gender and age.And to produce an appealing booklet in which the works functionindividually and as a whole. I’ve learned that not all works aresuitable for the small format,” Leila Cromwell-Morgan Lönnrothsays.Susanne Procopé-Ilmonen adds: “It was also important to presentdifferent techniques such as sculpture, photography, painting,graphics, and textile art. It was rewarding to be part of the workinggroup, and we had interesting discussions about what is currentlyhappening in the Åland art scene and how we could convey this inour selection. We have an interesting art scene of younger and olderartists with varying expressions. Nature motifs are popular, but theyalso depict sensitive and controversial topics, and Åland art therebyparticipates in the contemporary debate.” Seven different stamps are included the booklet Åland Contemporary.The works of art included are from above:Tiina Tahvanainen: Åland originals, Borghill Lindholm, photo, 2007Gunnar Sjöblom: Japanese lantern, photopolymer engraving, 2008Kurt Simons: Augur I, geometric abstraction, acrylic on canvas, 2010Minna Öberg: #sniffingaround3, oil on panel, 2019Barbro Eriksson: Sacrificial cardigan, concept art, mixed media, embroidery & crochet, 2021Erica Signell: All over the place, oil & acrylic, 2018Johan Karlsson: Rooster, sculpture, scrap metal, 2019 Booklet cover: Erica Signell’s artwork Allover the place, 2018 Facts about the issue Name of issue Åland contemporaryDate of issue 9 June 2022Artists Barbro Eriksson, Johan Karlsson, Erica Signell,Kurt Simons, Gunnar Sjöblom, Tiina Tahvanainen & Minna ÖbergDesign Johanna FinnePhoto & repro Kjell SöderlundEdition 25 000 bookletsDenomination 7×€3.20Price FDC €23.40Stamp sizes 31×28,5 mm, 31×40,5 mm, 62×41 mmSize folded booklet 62×84 mmPaper 110 g/m²Perforation 13 per 2 cmProcess 5-colour offsetPrinter Cartor Security Printing Images provided by Åland Post [...]
  • Åland – Åland centenaryÅland – Åland centenaryJune 13, 2022Special stamp issue celebratesÅland centenary On 9 June 2022, Åland Post issues its second stamp incelebration of the 100th anniversary of Åland autonomy.This year’s miniature sheet by Åland artist Jonas Wilénshows a cross-section of the Åland islands of today. To puta silver lining on the celebration of the centenary, we alsolaunch a limited edition of a specially printed version of theminiature sheet inserted in a jubilee pack. Jonas Wilén describes the miniature sheet as “Åland in a nutshell”, and hegives his version of today’s life in Åland, where old ways and modern life mixwell. The islanders affirm their proud traditions but, at the same time, take partin the modern high-tech world. In Åland, it is close to nature, jobs, school andexperiences. Åland Post also releases a jubilee pack with a special version of the miniaturesheet Åland autonomy 100 years on 9 June. The special miniature sheet is produced with foiling and embossing in a limited edition of 4500. The texts on thesheet are printed in glossy metal foil, while the embossing print makes the islandseem to have risen slightly above sea level. In the jubilee pack, the miniaturesheet is placed centrally in a foil pocket for best viewing and safe storage. Thejubilee pack is numbered by hand and also has information about the issue inEnglish, German, Swedish and Finnish. Facts about the issue Name of issue Åland autonomy 100 yearsDate of issue 9 June 2022Artist Jonas WilénDesign Johanna FinneEdition 25 000Denomination €5.00Price FDC €6.00Price jubilee pack €10.00Stamp size 50 × 44,8 mmMiniature sheet size 120 × 95 mmPaper 110 g/m2Perforation 13 per 2 cmProcess 4-colour offsetPrinter Cartor Security Printing Image provided by Åland Post Buy it at ebay [...]