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This site gives you an overview of printed and online stamp catalogues worldwide, per country and thematic.

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20 thoughts on “World Stamp Catalogues”

    1. I only found an online catalogue (see the online stamp catalogue section). No country specific published catalogue. I use the Michel Europe catalogue as hardcopy one for my European stamps

  1. New book on hologram stamps by Dr Hans Bjelkhagen:
    Postage Stamps with Holograms (Xlibris 2014)
    ISBN: 978-1-4931 3049-8 or ISBN: 978-1-4931-3050-4

  2. In the new Beta version I miss thematic catalogues, only countries are mentioned. Will they follow as yet?

  3. Hi

    Colombia: Alvaro Barriga
    Leo Temprano
    Both have recent catalogs (ore a price list than catalog)but the 1980’s version is detailed.

    Venezuela: Aurelio Blanco

    Jerry Bodoff

  4. Hello,
    On your website in Thematic Stamp Catalogues incorrectly listed the address of my site Paleontology Philatelic Catalogue.
    Sincerely, Nikolay Kozhevnikov

  5. Dears

    I have plenty of stamps for sale.
    Here is a list of the Cubans and international stamps:
    – Almost complete collection of all the stamps and series of Cuban stamps from 1959 to 1972. All are new, without canceling and are stored in albums.
    – In addition to previous stamps there are others that came out with defects which make them difficult to find.
    – Cuban stamps after the year 1972, some canceled and others without canceling. There are about 4000 without being repeated any of them. In albums.
    – About 200 Cuban stamps from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and although they are aged they are very well preserved in an album.
    – A Fidel Castro stamp from which only 500 copies came out.
    – Collection of international stamps from the Kenmore catalog, well protected from moisture and dust in their original envelopes, on envelopes is written the Kenmore catalog number to check originality. There are about 8000 stamps without being repeated.
    – 2 collections of “Kenmore Antique Locomotives” and 2 collections of “Kenmore Antique Cars”. In their original albums.
    – Several collections of Walt Disney stamps on their original album and others in their original envelopes.
    – 3D stamps and postal sheets from the first day of circulation.

    There are over 12000 stamps.

    In addition to the stamps I have a Cuban 1 peso bill from 1958 with the signature of Camilo Cienfuegos, a bronze medal of the United States from 1904 and coins from different countries.

    Thank you. If you are intereste please contact me.

  6. Hi, have you considered to add finnish stamp catalogs NORMA and LAPE? They have only paper ones, LAPE is often refered on eBay etc.

    Like this site!

  7. I sent Lape (Hanko) a scan of a Finnish post card having the 1900 Suomi Finland mourning stamp. The card has UNION POSTAL UNIVERSALLE and below CARTE POSTALE. Tom Peltonen said he had not heard of it. Also, the post card is not in my Lape nor Norma stamp catalogues.

    Because of the wording, I believe it is not from 1900 but much later such as after Finnish independence.

    Do you have any answers and a possible catalogue value. I have two intact cards


    Gary Nummelin

    Can you get me an e-mail addressso I can send a scan to you.

  8. UPDATE: MICHEL have NEW first edition Schach(CHESS) 2018/2019 70 Euros. Cheaper on Delcampe.
    Thanks for let me know there are Michel CEPT Katalog.

  9. Do you have access to the Bush catalog of AMG Stamps? Is it available for download or in a paper copy?

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