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This site gives an overview of printed and online stamp catalogues worldwide, per country and thematic.

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Free online stampcatalogue


  1. catalog Romania???

    • I only found an online catalogue (see the online stamp catalogue section). No country specific published catalogue. I use the Michel Europe catalogue as hardcopy one for my European stamps

  2. Hans Bjelkhagen

    New book on hologram stamps by Dr Hans Bjelkhagen:
    Postage Stamps with Holograms (Xlibris 2014)
    ISBN: 978-1-4931 3049-8 or ISBN: 978-1-4931-3050-4

  3. In the new Beta version I miss thematic catalogues, only countries are mentioned. Will they follow as yet?

  4. Hi

    Colombia: Alvaro Barriga
    Leo Temprano
    Both have recent catalogs (ore a price list than catalog)but the 1980’s version is detailed.

    Venezuela: Aurelio Blanco

    Jerry Bodoff

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