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  1. I have been presented with the MICHEL Deutschland – Spezial 2016 Band 1 (colour ) by a German relative .Sadly my German language ability is poor so the English Version is advisable.
    However sources indicate that the English edition does not contain the same data .
    Finally is it possible for me to exchange my brand new German edition for the English one ,assuming their coverage is identical.
    Many thanks

  2. I am interested in purchasing the English version of this catalogue.
    Michel Germany catalogue 2017/2018 with CD – in color (in German)

    Where can I get the english version. I do not see it in your listing

    • Dear David,

      On the website of the publisher, the 2015/2016 version is the latest version. I do not see an announcement for a newer version as well.
      More details on the 2015/2016 version can be found here and :

      The 2017/2018 version is only available in German.

      • Thank you for your reply. The 2015/2016 version is perfectly suitable, but the description indicates a ‘Specialized’ catalog. It seems that I should be looking for a ‘Standard’ Catalog, not the specialized version.
        I am not sure of the differences between each version, but it appears that I need a standard version is what I need. Any published date is fine from the stock on hand if it’s the English version.

        • The specialized version has more details than the standard catalog. I can only find the specialized catalog in English. The standard is only available in German. Since I do not have a shop (I only provide an overview) you should click on one of the shops mentioned in the detailed page. There they have catalogs on stock for you. Succes

  3. i am looking for a Great Britain catalog that lists Post Cards. Have looked in 2018 Concise and Commonwealth & British Empire 2013 editions. No luck in either. Can you help?

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