ACS New Zealand Stamps 2018

ACS New Zealand Stamps 2018

ACS New Zealand Stamps 2018 (in English)

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About the Book

ACS is pleased to welcome their 41st Edition of their popular New Zealand Stamp Colour Catalogue. It will be true to say that collecting New Zealand Stamps is as strong as it was 41 years ago when they produced their 1st Edition.

This 41st Edition sees more price increases across the board. Demand continues to be strong in the early issues as well as some modern sets and also the back of the book material. There is an emphasis on buying quality stamps and this will depend on their period of issue. Demand has been particularly strong in Full Face Queens, First and SecondPictorials (1898’s & 1935’s), Postal Fiscals in both postal and revenue useages.


Genres: New Zealand, Oceania
Publisher: Auckland City Stamps
List Price: NZD 15.00
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