Austria Netto Katalog (ANK) – Austria Special Stamp Catalogue 2022/2023

Austria Netto Katalog (ANK) – Austria Special Stamp Catalogue 2022/2023

ANK-Briefmarken Österreich Spezial 2022/2023 (in German)

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Austria Netto Katalog (ANK) – Austria Special Stamp Catalogue 2022/2023

Special elaboration of all stamps and special features from 1850 until today including UNO Vienna. All stamps are illustrated and valued in color – approx. 8500 color illustrations on 800 pages in hardcover.

In addition to the stamp issues, the special catalog also includes prints and color variations, plate errors and misprints as well as all other philatelic special items or special features such as black and color prints, balloon mail, post office Christkindl, the special items from Österreichische Post AG and many other philatelic issues.

As every year, it has been fundamentally revised, supplemented or expanded. This year, many new plate errors and numerous special features and varieties have been added and supplemented. Many of the varieties, imperforate stamps and proofs that have only recently become known through the dissolution of the postal archive and collections that have been auctioned off, or new findings have been made
extensively supplemented and cataloged again this year.

As has been the case for several years, special elaborations of interesting philatelic areas that have not previously been cataloged have also been included as special sections in this issue.

The modern special section continues to deal with “Hundertwasser Philately”. After cataloging the official Hundertwasser stamps (worldwide) and the official personalized stamps, the official documents and special postmarks, the official postal stationery and with private additional printing up to the introduction of the euro and the sender franking mark, the WFUNA documents (World Association of Societies for the United Nations) in the last issue, cachet stamps with Hundertwasser motifs are cataloged and illustrated in this issue.

On the occasion of the publication of the new manual and special catalog “Österreich 1945 – Provisional and Local Editions” by Rüdiger Soecknick, published by the AUSTRIA NETTO KATALOGE publishing house, the local editions of the second republic were completely revised, supplemented and expanded with varieties and a comprehensive reassessment of the Prices adjusted to the market situation. In the field of classic philately, the special elaborations of the plate errors “9 Kreuzer Type I.” and the “45 Centesimi” remain in this year’s issue and thus continue to deepen the types of the first

The cataloging of the overprints on stamps of the K & K monarchy, the successor states (Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Romania, Hungary and western Ukraine) including the postage stamps, newspaper stamps, newspaper stamps, free and express stamps as well as the registered mail with value imprint are also in this issue recorded.

Many new illustrations and assessments of vignette stamps and blocks comprehensively expand this chapter.

In the field of rocket mail, the covers and blocks of the rocket pioneer Friedrich Schmiedl were included in the catalog and includes a detailed cataloging of the Schmiedl covers and blocks with illustrations and evaluations.

All philatelic special items of the Austrian Post have been listed, evaluated and illustrated in detail since the beginning of the issue. These special items include stamp booklets, stamp albums, stamp cases, booklets and CDs, stamp folders, scrapbooks, farm animals, stamp books,
Stamp collections, Numiphilium collections, first day editions, collective editions, books, sheetlet editions and stamp editions 1, 2, 4, 8 and 20, crypto stamps, dispenser stamps and much more. In the field of “stamp editions 3 anniversary blocks”, blocks with 3 personalised stamps on the occasion of various anniversaries, a lot has happened in the last year, which means that the chapter continues
was expanded and supplemented.

The new coloured background for the chapters on the right-hand side, to make it even easier to find collection areas, has proven its worth and continues to make the catalog easier to use.

800 pages; Edition: 78; Format A5 hardcover

Genres: Austria, Europe, United Nations
Publisher: Active Intermedia
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: 3902662654
ISBN: 9783902662651
List Price: EUR 59.90
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