Yvert & Tellier Tome 1 – 2022 – French Stamp Catalogue

Yvert & Tellier Tome 1 – 2022 – French Stamp Catalogue

Yvert & Tellier Tome 1 - 2022 (Catalogue des Timbres de France) (in French)

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About the Book

Yvert & Tellier Tome 1 – 2022 – French Stamp Catalogue



– Nearly 1,500 pages dedicated to French Philately.
– A refined and intuitive Lexicon.
– A completely revised presentation of the Stamps of the Liberation.
– Numerous detailed sections (Large Numbers Cancellations, Pre-canceled etc.)
– Always more visuals.

As a gift: the sheet signed Sophie Beaujard

With its new edition, the Stamps of France year 2022 confirms a desire for specialization initiated by its elders for more than a decade now.
Imposing volume of nearly 1,500 pages dedicated to Stamps of France, this catalog of reference stamps of France from Éditions Yvert & Tellier stands out once again for its seriousness and attention to detail. And this richness becomes particularly eloquent as soon as we leaf through the first pages.

It all starts with a refined and intuitive lexicon – where you will notice the appearance of new terms with explanations and visuals to support – in order to facilitate your research in your catalog of stamps of France 2022. After the lexicon come the pages dedicated to Stamps Classics, marked by the return of the chapters “Ballons Montés” and “Boules de Moulin”, absent from the previous edition and requested by many readers.
And this observation of an never denied richness will be able to be verified everywhere, that it is with the Préoblitérations, comprising many unpublished varieties, and especially the Stamps of the Liberation. Reflecting the reconquest of our nation during the summer of 1944, these stamps tell us a fascinating part of our history with their many local overloads.
Particular attention was also paid to the chapter dedicated to Obliterations of Classic Stamps known as “Large Numbers”, systematically used by all French post offices (both in mainland France and abroad) between 1862 and 1876, and knowing very many variations.
Yet this luxuriance of detail never comes at the expense of clarity. Because if the new Stamps of France wants to be always more complete, it does not abandon its didactic approach for all that.

Indeed, this abundance of information is systematically rationalized and concentrated in the sections which correspond to it. It will therefore be easy for you to quickly find out everything about the category of stamps you are looking for in the Yvert and Tellier 2022 stamp catalog.

In order to complete this overview, it remains for us to note the appearance of the quotation of “Feuillets-Souvenir Yvert & Tellier”
. Appeared in 2008 and accompanying the publication of this catalog each year, they have since aroused growing interest from our readers and now have real philatelic value.

Zoom on the stamps of the Liberation

Issued between July and December 1944 as French territory was liberated by Allied forces and resistance groups, these stamps were officially used at the level of a region, even a department or even a region. a common. These were generally programs of the Vichy regime (or of the Third Reich for Alsace) with a local overload, most often a Cross of Lorraine or the anagrams “RF” and “FFI” (for “French Republic” and “French Interior Forces”).

The block signed Sophie Beaujard:

For the Yvert 2022 block, the artist was inspired by female figures typical of Alfons Mucha’s work, notably for his interpretations of the “Seasons”, with decorative elements inspired by Art Nouveau. She links to it “winter and summer in a kind of abandonment and shared reveries”.

Catalog Yvert & Tellier – Quotation of Stamps of France

Color version.
Format: 15×21 cm – 1568 pages Sewn back – Hard cover

Genres: Europe, France
Publisher: Yvert & Tellier
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: 2868143016
ISBN: 9782868143013
List Price: EUR 27.90
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