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This site gives an overview of printed and online stamp catalogues worldwide, per country and thematic.

As you can see, a new menu item: Stamp Catalogues – BETA has been added. This will replace the Stamp Catalogue page as soon as all catalogues are added. The new page will contain more information about the catalogue and you will be able to write reviews, so we can help each other in choosing the best stamp catalogue.

To be as complete as possible, I would like to invite you to inform me about missing catalogues (and links) or give other remarks on the website. You can use Twitter or send me an e-mail for this.

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Free online stampcatalogue


  1. catalog Romania???

    • I only found an online catalogue (see the online stamp catalogue section). No country specific published catalogue. I use the Michel Europe catalogue as hardcopy one for my European stamps

  2. Hans Bjelkhagen

    New book on hologram stamps by Dr Hans Bjelkhagen:
    Postage Stamps with Holograms (Xlibris 2014)
    ISBN: 978-1-4931 3049-8 or ISBN: 978-1-4931-3050-4

  3. In the new Beta version I miss thematic catalogues, only countries are mentioned. Will they follow as yet?

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