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Below you will see the new lay-out of the website. Click on the country and you will find the catalogues of the specific country. Please review the catalogues to help other stamp collectors choosing the right catalogue for them. As you will see, I am adding the catalogues one by one and this can take some time.

Stamp Catalogues per country

Thematic stamp catalogues 


Coins 728x90


  1. do you have an illustrated viet nam catalogue

    • I use the Michel catalogue myself. That one has illustrations, but is for a part of Asia and not Vietnam specific

  2. Offers the two most definitive stamp eCatalogues for Canada. One is specific for Newfoundland; in color; 737 pages. The other is for British North America which is New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia,Prince Edward Island and Classic Canada 1851 to 1951; in color; 624 pages. None are comparable. has excerpts for various sections.

  3. I’d like to know how much would be valid postage stamps from 1942 Croatia NDH stamps if you are able to know
    thank you

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